Do You Want to Install Lowering Kit in Your Vehicle?

Lowering your vehicle will help achieve low rider appearance, and also will improve the overall performance of your car. To lower your vehicle, one way can be by replacing the stock springs with lowering springs. As compared to any stock springs, the lowering springs can be much shorter and also, they have more coils.

In this way, it will shorten distance between body of the car and the wheels, thus increasing the tension between vehicle’s frame and suspension system. Thus, the center of gravity of vehicle is reduced, and it becomes much more responsive as well as easier to handle. In case you prefer to lower the ride properly, you must better get F100 lowering kit for this task.

Here’s a short guide that will help you to learn more about these lowering kits.

  1. Type

Lowering springs are usually of 2 types:

  • Progressive rate
  • Linear rate.

Both these differ mainly in terms of their gap between the coils. Any progressive rate springs will have coils with much bigger gaps at top and bottom, and linear rate springs will have coils which are evenly spaced all throughout.

Any progressive rate springs can be ideal for people who prefer to improve the performance of their vehicle and also appearance, while any linear rate spring can be best for people who prefer performance more than looks.

2. Drop Amount

Besides the type, you must also consider the drop that you prefer for the ride while buying your lowering kit. You can get lowering springs in different lengths that you can select from.

Note that they are not adjustable, so choose carefully before you buy.

3. Cost

Try to pick any brand whom you trust more and prepare a budget of around $500 – $1000. Prefer to buy complete lowering kits instead of buying the parts separately because it will help in saving both your money and time.

4. Step-by-step guide

Basic guide about installing lowering springs is provided below. Before installing, ensure that you have bought the proper lowering kit for your project.

Jack your car’s front side up and provide support by using jack stands. After the vehicle is fully secured, remove both the front wheels.

Next, following components may be removed from the vehicle:

  • Brake bolts
  • Front strut bolts,
  • Upper strut assemblies,
  • Front sway-bar end links,

Refer to the manual of car to locate so that you can and avoid causing any damage to all these components.

Next, compress the spring which is around the strut. Take its hat as well as bump stop off. Here, you must be able to take out the spring which is on suspension’s both sides.

Now on the struts, mount new springs and secure them properly by using any bump stop available in your lowering kit.

Now compress new springs to reinstall the components which you had removed previously back in their original position.

When you have completed the front, then lower your vehicle and then try to jack up its back end and repeat the same process, till your new rear springs are also installed.

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