Tread Lightly on Tire Quality

Your tires are the unsung heroes of your car. True, the engine may be responsible for propelling you forward, and the interior ensures that you and your passengers are safe and comfortable throughout most of your trip; however, the tires are the tools that get you there, running over tarmac, concrete, dirt, sand, and even snow to get you to your destinations and offering a smooth and controlled ride. That being said, your tires deserve the same amount of attention and care as any other part of your vehicle. Here are a few maintenance tips to lengthen the durability of your tires before finding Land Rover repair in Houston, TX.

Tire Inflation

Tires need to remain at a certain pressure in order to last for a long time. Filling them too low will flatten out your tires, damaging the sulfuric rubber, while filling them too much will make them susceptible to sudden punctures. In either case, you’ll have to deal with expensive replacement costs.

Instead, be sure to look up the specifications on your car owner’s manual, which should tell you what size and tire pressure is recommended for your model. Be sure to check the tire pressure on your cars before going on a long trip or after every three months while on the road, and try to check during ambient temperatures to ensure accurate measurements.

Tire Tread

Much like the sneakers you wear to the gym or while out on the street, the tire tread is responsible to keep traction while riding on uneven or slick surfaces, including rain, dirt, snow and ice, and other patchy services. Naturally, you want to make sure that the tread on your current tires don’t wear out to the point where driving becomes more hazardous, forcing you to brake longer before coming to a complete stop and putting you at a higher risk of accidents.

The recommended tread on your tires should be at least 4/32″, which you can check once a month. A simple way to check this is to grab a quarter and insert it on one of the grooves, with Washington’s face downwards. If you can see the top of his head, then you’re under the 4/32″ guideline and may need to consider buying a new set of tires. If you can’t afford tires immediately, it is possible to wait until you reach 2/32″ before getting a new set (when you put a penny in the groove and can see Lincoln’s forehead;) just keep in mind that braking may be more difficult during inclement weather.

Checking on these two aspects of your tires will boost your safety on the road and save you a lot of stress. If your tires need replacing, check out your options for Land Rover repair in Houston, TX, today.

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