Top 10 Edinburgh Tourist Attractions 2019

Edinburgh has been Scotland’s capital since 15th Century. The city is well-known for its education system especially in medicine, law, philosophy, literature, engineering and science. After London, Edinburgh is recognized for its financial sector. However, due to many historical monuments it has also been the second biggest tourist attraction of UK. More than a million international tourists visit every year. Edinburgh has strongest economy mainly because of education, financial services, research industry and tourism.

Since we have spoken a lot about tourism, and you’re waiting for some more tips on it, mentioned below are few important destinations to visit in Edinburgh –

1. Arthur’s Seat
Arthur’s seat is a major peak. These hills make Holyrood Park. The hill is at a height from where it gives spectacular vision of the town. To reach at the peak, people go for hiking which is also enjoyed as a sports activity by tourists.

2. Edinburgh castle
Edinburgh Castle is an iconic attraction for tourists. It speaks of history since decades. When you visit the castle, ensure to hire a guide who knows well about every corner of the place. After a tour, you can relax in the traditional tea room and enjoy some snacks.

3. Victoria Street
If you’re in Edinburgh, then shopping in Victoria Street is must. Here you will find all luxurious brands and fine boutiques. Also, after a tiring day you can spend some time in food joints with some wine and classic food. This will help you end your day in a fine way.

4. Camera Obscura
This is basically an illusion which you can feel when you enter this colourful museum of visuals. Once you reach at the top, you get the feeling of camera obscura. Apart from that, a clear vision of the city, especially at night can be enjoyed from the top.

5. Architectural Masterpiece
Exclusive masterpiece of Scottish architect, Robert Adam can be seen at the National Trust of Scotland. Exclusive pieces of furniture, glass, art, porcelain, silver etc. are few collections that can be enjoyed.

6. Scott Monument
Scott Monument was made remembering Sir Walter Scott, which is well covered with greenery. You can take stairs to reach at the top and on the way you can peep through the museum to know the history of UK. The entry is through a ticket which is quite reasonable.

7. Queen’s Hall
Queen’s Hall is the finest place in old town to enjoy live music. Artists from entire world are invited to the venue to show their talent. Name the kind of music you love and it is there for you to enjoy.

8. Cameo
Cameo cinema is the finest destination to watch a movie. Even if you resist watching the movie, you still have bar to take a sip of wine or beer and sit along with friends to chat the whole day.

9. Scottish National Gallery
There are various galleries which you can visit. The Greek National gallery is in the core of city, the Portrait Gallery is in New Town, and Modern Art 1 and 2 are located in Dean Village.

10. Summerhall
Summerhall is a multi-venue for clubs, performances, films, workshops, talks, exhibitions etc. apart from that it has its own refreshment centre where you can enjoy meal with some alcohol.

Apart from visiting some historic monuments, one shouldn’t forget about experiencing the traditional cuisine of every city. It gives you the flavour and culture of the place visited. Once you reach Edinburgh, get hold of your guide who can also take you to best restaurants and bars where you can enjoy the finest wine and whiskey with delicious food.

Traveling can be easy if you prepare your list properly of all the destinations to visit. The best way to organize your trip is by preparing a to-do list. TripIndicator is an online site that not only tells you about all sights to be seen but also helps in directing a tourist in the right way at anew place by giving brief details on transportation and cheap hotels. To know better about Edinburgh tours and bookings, visit

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