Tips or Securing the Highest Selling Price for Your Used Vehicle

Have you decided that the time is right to sell your current vehicle? Whether you’re upsizing, down-grading or select a different type of vehicle all together, the challenge is how to sell your current vehicle and get the highest price possible. Trading you used vehicle into the dealership typically nets the lowest selling price.  The dealerships have higher costs to cover, and consider that when establishing an offering price. Individual buyers on the private market do not have these extra costs and as such, this market can result in a higher selling price. Take these recommendations from the automotive professionals to secure the highest possible selling price for your used vehicle.

The first step is to bring your car into the best possible condition. This will take several hours be your efforts will be reflected in the selling price. If you’re a huge sports fan or have special ties to your alma mater, your car does not need to showcase. Having taken advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and stocked up on sports memorabilia from, now is the time to remove these fun items from your vehicle. Remove everything from the vehicle not installed by the manufacturer. Take the time to thoroughly vacuum the interior, including the trunk. Either shampoo or replace the floor mats as needed. Using a mild cleaning product, clean all of the vehicle’s leather, vinyl and plastic. Pay special attention to the console area and driver’s door. Don’t neglect the steering wheel. Shine the windows on the interior. On the exterior, wash the entire vehicle including the tires. Dry thoroughly and shine the windows and hubcaps. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, apply a light coat of wax and thoroughly buff. Your car should now be in incredible condition.

The next step is to collect all of the documents necessary for the sale of the vehicle and to determine an asking price. All receipts for repairs, receipts for tires as well as the maintenance manual should be gathered and placed in a secure space in the vehicle to share with prospective buyers. Ensure the vehicle’s title is clear and the information is correct.  This will need to be signed over to the buyer at the conclusion of the transaction.  Spend time researching price points for vehicles of the same model, year, mileage and condition as yours in order to determine a selling price. Be realistic about the condition of your vehicle when determining a selling price.

Finally, identify websites that sell used vehicles in your area. Take multiple photos of the interior and exterior. Cover or remove your license plate for these photos for safety purposes. Complete the listing information required by the website of your choice and upload your photos. When writing the narrative content describing your car and why you’ve decided to sell, honesty is the best policy. Prepare to meet prospective buyers in a public place – never at your home.  Request identification from the prospective buyer prior to engaging in negotiations. Best of luck in securing your asking price!

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