Few Rules That You Must Know For Surviving at A Biker Bar

The bar which is generally visited by various motocyclists are often termed as biker bar. Such bars are either owned or managed by those people who are very friendly with motorcyclists of the town. These bars or restaurants prominently advertise on their signboard “biker friendly” so that they can attract bikers and motorcyclists of that area. Such bike bars are promoted by people who themselves may or may not be a biker, any motocycle club person who may also be from any outlawed motorcycle club.

Usually, if you imagine a biker the picture that comes to our mind is someone who is tough looking and big guy with beard and wearing leather jacket. Most of the bikers also like to visit bars and some of the bar owners like to have the presence of such bikers to spice up the atmosphere of the bar. Eventually most of the bar turns into biker bar when more number of motorcyclists start frequenting the bar regularly.

If you ever happen to visit any of the best biker bars in Phoenix then you must remember to follow these rules.

  • Respect the bartender

All bikers who visit the biker bar respect the bartender and by looking at them all others who sit near the counter will also admire the bartender. Afterall it is the bartender who arranges for you all the stuff that brings you to the bar. Therefore, you must understand their value. So always be nice to the bartender.

  • Don’t be bothered about how the bartender reacts

If twenty of bearded bikers suddenly enter into the bar the bartender never cares to look at them so, you too need not bother about the bartender. Just consider that he is busy in his job, that’s all.

  • Respect the senior members

Bikers usually have a very good sense of hierarchy. They know who is the seniormost biker present subconsciously and allow him to be served first.

  • Biker’s jacket tells who he is

The labels and cuts that you find on the jacket of the biker tells who he is and what treatment he deserves.

  • Don’t get scared

Bikers may be big in size and tough looking guy but they are just normal people like many of us. Don’t expect that they will beat you up.

  • Don’t try to impress with fancy bike

You must keep in mind that no one will be impressed by looking at your expensive and fancy bikes. Bikers respect their fellow biker but not someone with a new bike.

  • Don’t try to impress with biker dress

Your new style biker attire will not impress any one if you are new in the bar. Bikers can easily spot who is the real biker and who is a poser.

  • Don’t think that jukebox is your personal property

Do not play any music of your choice but take a consent from other bikers sitting around.

  • Show respect to a lady

If a lady is present there then show respect to her as you never know she may be the girl friend of another biker.

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