LED Headlight Bulbs Are A Combination of Improved Illumination and Efficiency

Upgrading your automotive head and tail lights offer extensive benefits like enhanced visibility and crucial safety necessary for night time driving. LED lights have revealed to be a popular upgrade in light and heavy vehicle market. What is so different about the LED light bulb?

LED versus traditional halogen bulb

Since the light bulbs were invented, it has followed same construction style. It has a filament inside an enclosed glass enveloped with a kind of gas. The filament receives power and burns to generate brightness. In comparison to other designs the comparison of halogen headlight bulb cost is relatively low. This is the main reason why halogen lights are usually seen in heavy and light vehicles.

What is LED headlight?

Light Emitting Diode [LED] produces light, when enough voltage is placed on the diode. The resulting illumination process is called ‘Electroluminescence’.

Why LED is better alternative than traditional headlight source?


  • Its inbuilt efficiency to convert power into bright light is the most crucial advantage over traditional design.
  • Standard light bulb turns only 3% electricity received into brightness, while the other 97% converts into heat energy that does not help in illumination.
  • Alternatively, LED design converts 90% energy received into brightness with just 10% heat waste.

Obviously, LED headlight bulb produces considerably more visibility per watt in comparison to halogen bulbs.


Traditional bulb fails because the filament enclosed inside a gas inhibitor to resist the incoming energy, creates illumination as by-product of resistance. In general, the filament is burning within the contained system in any condition – hot or cold. Therefore, traditional bulb fails.

Halogen technology has developed and the filament can last for 1500 hours but LED far exceeds this duration. LED does not need extra inhibitor to avoid the burn up. Semiconductor comprises of diodes, which acts as an inhibitor. The one regulator needed is the current supply amount. It is an easy and predictable element of electrical system, which can be controlled. Thus, LED is less prone to burn out and has lifespan stretching across for 25,000 hours.


As LED lights differ from standard glass bulb construction, it is significantly more damage resistant. Thus, can handle the extra punishment from impacts, vibrations, and environmental hazards. You will see off-road vehicles equipped with efficient LED light bars. Sturdy LED light bulbs withstand abuse of off road travel rigors and continue shining, while HID and halogen are prone to break frequently.


LED light bulbs are very compact meaning you can install more lights in the assembly. While applying brakes this can help to increases visibility. It also adds to style besides safety. LED lights are available in different colours than other lighting style. LED light strips help to customize trucks in many ways. For example, adding it on the vehicles underside helps to illuminate ground during night time and even offer distinct customized look.

Some drivers use it around their wheel interiors or behind the truck for good visibility during night for other drivers. Even if you prefer to keep halogen headlight bulbs, use coloured LED lights to add character to the vehicle interiors or replace reverse lights, turn signals, and other external bulbs to conserve your truck’s electrical system.

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