Learn Some Useful Motorcycle Engine Maintenance Tips

Improper working of the motorcycle engine can be due to several reasons. One of the reasons can be electricity. As engines works with the adequate supply of electricity, any issues in the electric power or battery can cause it to malfunction. Other reasons being incorrect connection of the ground wire, faulty wires etc. Learn about all the common reasons that leads to poor functioning of motorbike in this article.

Causes of issues in the motorcycle

The Battery

The battery of the motorcycle is one of the main tools behind the proper functioning of the motorcycle engine. If the battery is not connected properly then it would hamper the flow of electric current. This would ultimately fail to supply the current to the right terminal. It is important to regularly inspect the condition of the battery connection.

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The Ground Wire Connection

Ground wires are not directly connected between the motorcycle and the electricity source. It is connected to the starter frame and not the starter. It is advisable when grounding the engine of the motorcycle to ensure that ground wire has a direct connection to the engine case and not to the engine.

Service manuals for your motorcycle contains information related to various topics such as specifications, periodic checks and adjustments, chassis, engine, radiator system, exhaust system, clutch, gearbox, brakes, steering and frame.

Troubleshooting and maintenance tips for your motorcycle engine

If you find that the motorcycle engine has failed to function, then it is advisable to carry out below mentioned troubleshooting tips.

  • Ensure that the engine is correctly grounded.
  • Inspect the wires and check if they are connected in the right way.
  • Check the engine for any rust or corrosion. Proper cleaning of the engine ensures its adequate working.
  • Inspect the condition of the ground straps and find out whether they are correctly wired to the engine or the frame.
  • Ensure that the battery is properly grounded on the motorcycle engine.
  • Damaged wires can lead to shorts. Check the wire connections to figure out if the engine is secured completely. If you find any wire to be broken, you can simply replace that wire by a new one.
  • People, who don’t drive their motorcycle frequently, would observe that the fuel present in their motorcycle is getting contaminated. So, inspect the condition of your bike fuel and replace it if it has got dirty. These workshop manuals not just provide general information about the various parts of vehicle but also simple ways to troubleshoot it.

A motorcycle, like any other electrical system needs to be handled with care and maintained properly. These are some of the most common reasons that lead to reduced performance in the motorcycle. Learning about these issues and maintaining your bike properly with these tips would keep it in the working state for many years to come.

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