Consider Multiple Variables Influencing Car Shipping Cost

When you are relocating to another state then there is a need for reliable way to ship your car and ensure that it arrives to the new destination in its original condition. Basically, transport companies use trucks for transiting vehicles across long distance, so it is important to select a reliable service. You will need to do some groundwork to discover a company with good reputation and offers reasonable rates.

Multiple variables will influence the shipping cost between states


Obviously, the farther a vehicle has to be shipped, the more will be the cost of transporting. Transportation cost is subjected to vary between companies based on current to ultimate car shipping location. Some companies even charge more for picking cars from remote areas or delivered to destinations where transport activities are low.

What options are there for auto transportation?

Brokers and carriers are two major choices for car transportation. Brokers charge fee to find an auto shipping company for transporting your vehicle. Carriers handle car loading, transport, and delivery. Working with Broker means less bother but you will not gain more information about the process in comparison to working directly with carrier.

Car can be shipped –

  • Door-to-door – From pickup location to desired endpoint.
  • Terminal-to-terminal – Dropping at close facility and picking from new destinations similar facility.

Due to extra drive time and variation in picking and dropping off locations the first option costs more than the latter. If your car is inoperable then you will need to pay more for physically loading it on the delivery truck.

When is car arrival scheduled?

Car shipping can take 5 to 14 days from one coast to another in the US. Shipping from south to north or to either coastline from Midwest, it takes 3 to 8 days.

If you cannot wait that long then rush jobs may add to the basic costs. Shipping in off season reduces the cost but gets expensive if transportation process needs to be speedy. Choose single carrier rather than multi-vehicle carrier to reduce shipping time as driver does not have to make extra stops for picking other cars.

How to keep car safe?

Cheap shipping company can mean compromising on guaranteed vehicle safety. Shipping car in an open carrier means your vehicle is open to risk of getting damaged and dirty. This option is bad for transporting customized classic cars or fairly new ones from one end to another.

What cost to expect while shipping car?

Calculations need to be based on chosen transport services, personal needs, and your situation. For example, if you need to deliver a standard size car from location A to end-destination B, which covers 2, 350 miles then calculating on average rate at $50 for 100 miles is equal to $1,175. However, other services increase this fee.

  • Peak season shipping escalates rates to $1,300 to $ 1,550
  • Expedited deliver can cost between 1,350 to $ 1,750
  • Enclosed transportation amplifies to $1,850

Therefore, factor all variables, when you plan car shipping budget. Choose a reliable and reputed carrier. There may be need to pay some more amount against security but being family that your car will safely arrive on time at the new destination offers peace of mind. The extra investment is worthwhile.

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