Comparison between Use of Kerosene and Propane Heaters

Between kerosene and propane, which is the best one? This will depend on your objective. Therefore, before you select any one of them, it is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each type of fuel.

Let us first try to compare them in terms of availability.

It is possible to buy kerosene tanks from a local store for either any camping store. However, in case you want much better deal then you can prefer to buy from a gas station.

You may do little market survey and decide which can be your better option to buy kerosene.

As far as propane is concerned, propane tanks are available either for rent or purchase from grocery stores, home improvement stores etc.

To get better deal for propane however you need to buy in bulk quantity. Therefore, you may contact a local dealer and enquire about their bulk rates.

If you compare the price per gallon of kerosene and propane then you may find the prices are almost comparable however for the use of the heater it is more important to compare how much BTU that kerosene or propane will be needed. In that comparison you will find kerosene heaters are much more economical as compared to propane heaters.

Prices may however vary time to time and with the same amount kerosene it can offer much more heat as compared to propane.

Now let us compare these two in terms of storage life and safety. Kerosene is much safer to store and not so much inflammable like any other fuels like gasoline. Kerosene will need a wick which you need to light.

Also, kerosene can be stored for as long you wish while any other fuels it may be real challenge for storing them for longer period.

Propane on the other hand will need a special tank to store them. Though it can also be stored for long time however being in gas state there is always a chance it getting leaked, which may produce certain safety issue too.

Another thing is that in case you wish to store propane in bulk quantity then it will be little difficult move the tank. Therefore, investing money in bigger tank for propane may not be very wise option.

Comparison of kerosene and propane heater

In case, your objective is to create a backup for heat source for longer power outages for your home but you do not own any large tank for propane storage or do not have sufficient space in your premise, then it is better to choose kerosene.

Kerosene is also readily available from any nearby stores, safe to store and can also be stored for long time. In case it is not available nearby then you can easily store in larger quantity safely at your home.

On the other hand, propane is also not too bad a choice for longer power cuts, but if you prefer to invest money for big storage tank then you have to make proper arrangement in your premises so that you do not face any safety issue.

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