Audi RS3 2018 Review

Audi is seemingly a manufacturer keen to impress the world of automotive enthusiasts with practically every model in its current line-up, and with that said, there’s nothing more a driver could really hope to get from the trusty manufacturer. But it seems as though Audi has been eager to show off its latest edition to the family orientated petrol head at a great value, and here we have it, the Audi RS3.

Style and Design

If there ever comes a day when Audi slacks in its ability to produce cars of a refined structure, the entire world of motor enthusiasts will be left devastated. Nevertheless, typical Audi styling gives it two huge exhausts, the saloon version is clearly the better looking out of the two shapes although you do sacrifice some boot space with it.


Of course, the RS3s interior is just another highlight of Audis efforts. But what makes it that much better than its predecessors? It’s simple, really. As you’d expect with every Audi, the material quality is exceptionally good and there are so many clever gadgets and devices to choose from to help keep you entertained throughout your journey, along with the latest automotive infotainment system!

In terms of the level of comfort though, Audi’s RS3 is not much different to its predecessor – it’s comfortable enough to drive, with nearly no complaints! Although it resembles its predecessor a fair amount inside, it’s hardly a bad thing. Audi really know what they’re doing when it comes to luxury interiors.


The new RS3 shares the same 5-cylinder engine as the TTRS, and what an engine it is. Endless power throughout the range gives you maximum confidence when overtaking and the Haldex four-wheel drive system gives you a sensational amount of grip through every corner; only the right conditions and a huge amount of confidence can get the car to oversteer. As nice as the power is, it does seem a bit wasted. Unless you’re planning on taking this car to a track, you’ll never really unleash the cars true potential, leaving on road driving slightly mundane.


Audi have cemented themselves as one of the leaders in the hot hatch market and they’ve left little to be desired with their latest offering. The refined RS3 destroys virtually any of its rivals on the track and on the road. It’s a car for all scenarios, a well-designed cabin and good fuel economy on longer motorway journeys and mind-blowing performance when requested. It’s an all-rounder that can slot in with family life very easily indeed.

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